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Since 2006, VOTE411 is your one-stop-shop for election information. It provides nonpartisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information on the election process and candidates. Educating Voters.Apr 20, 2016
The LWVWA Ed Fund worked with The Seattle Times to publish a Newspapers in Education tabloid: "Election 2016: Your Critical Role in the Election Process." The booklet that has information on national and state election candidates and issues appeared as an insert in the September 18 edition and will be used by more than 1,100 teachers around the state reaching more than 40,000 students. View it here. 
"This Local Voters’ Pamphlet offers you information on local measures and statements by local candidates. It also gives you information about where and when you can return your ballot, accessible voting options and Election Day Vote Centers. There is contact information in case you have additional questions about this year’s General Election.​"

                                                 Dolores Gilmore
                                                 Kitsap County Auditor

       Kitsap County Official Local Voters' Pamphlet

  • Voter Information
  •  Political Party Information
  •  Register to Vote
  •  24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes
  •  Vote Centers and Accessible Voting
  •  Mobile Voting Locations
  •  Mark and Return Your Ballot
  •  Sample Ballot
  •  Candidate Statements
  •  Ballot Measures

By Oct. 10 - Mail and Online
(If Mail - Recommend by Oct. 6)
By Oct. 31 - In-person at 
               Auditor's Office
               619 Division St
               Port Orchard
               (360) 337-7128
Mail In Your Ballot!
Mail your ballot early enough to ensure it is postmarked no later than Election Day, Nov. 8.

See Kitsap County Official Local Voters Pamphlet for Drop Box locations